Monday, 23 July 2012


Very simple 3 matches brain puzzle game Booooly! has been published finally at Android Market

 At iPhone, Booooly! has been downloaded 2,500,000 all around world. this game is best brain puzzled game ever now.
 Also Booooly is a highly explosive game that has been featured in the Top 100 of 39 ries at Appstore.
 Transcending the predictable match-three puzzle genre, Booooly challenges Players to make a match-four.
 But its not just published, it published with special event!, called Booooly! with Xi for Android.
 if you get a Booooly! through the part of Entertainment of Xi, you can get Full version Booooly! for free.
 ● All age could enjoy this game very easily
 ● As using your brain, you can get more score.
 ● As goes up a level, you get more excited and challenging.
 ● Sophisticated graphic , fantastic and lively sound.
 ● 8 colors booooly,interupter called Bad Booooly and helper called Bomb, those are making Booooly variety.
 ● Bonus Misssion give you a chance that you can get high score. 
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