Monday, 23 July 2012


Do you have what it takes? Probably not! Prove it by playing Avert! now!

 Avert! is the latest installment from BINSTO, the makers of Kawaii Star and Gem Star!
 Based on the popular Kawaii Star engine, Avert! is a much easier game when it comes to game play but a LOT more difficult when it comes to challenge!
 In Avert! the goal is to survive for as long as possible! There are no multipliers or bonus items. Best described as a hardcore time survivor - this game is for those of you that love a real challenge!
 Use your fingers to fly the spaceship around the screen, avoid the obstacles and the walls, touch either one of them and it´s game over.
 Climb the leaderboard and unlock achievements using OpenFeint. Beat your friends lame attempts and brag about it on Facebook. You deserve it!
 As we said; hardcore time survivor! Beat one minute and youre good, reach 90 sec and were really impressed!

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