Monday, 23 July 2012


3D Break the Bricks Artemis brings a whole new feel to puzzle action game

 It is the game which combined "3D Break the Bricks" and "squash" and still more beautiful graphics and sound united. 
 Enjoy exhilarating world.
 Please to enjoy a new sense can not experience in other 3D Break the Bricks.
 [ Arcade Mode ]
 In this mode, you can play all 10 colorful stages.
 Acrobatic action of Artemis ming. Colorful background and a beautiful sound. Please to enjoy a ming 3D Break the Bricks that combines them.
 [ Endless Mode ]
 This mode is going to destroy the endless blocks.
 And break the block of the provisions, will destroy all the blocks. Sight is felt just like fireworks.
 Please enjoy the arcade mode and 3D Break the Bricks new blocks of different sense.
 [ Simple operation ]
 Simple operability of the player can move and shot just tap and flick operation as tennis game.
 [ Beautiful effects and background graphics ] 
 When you destroy blocks, you are amazed by flashy effects . "Artemis" has unique and beautiful stages. you will be drawn into the world of "Artemis".
 [ Sound ] 
 Techno and EpicTrance sound that makes the game more immersive.
 [ Acrobatic action ]
 Enjoy a number of acrobatic action of the women with superhuman athletic ability called "Artemis".

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