Monday, 23 July 2012


Absolute Defense is a shoot em up video game. So if you like power ups, blazing weapons, variety of enemies, steady paced scroll and amazing graphics, this is the game for you

 Is not every day that you can say: today I saved the world from a horde of advanced biomechanical creatures!
 We have added extreme graphics when playing with "insane" level but if you have an older phone we have a less resource intensive mode so the game will run smoothly.
 You can play using the dpad or de accelerometer and we have added a lazy mode so you can use accelerometer play while lying in the sofa (because lazyness is cool too)
 * Addictive gameplay
 * Accelerometer control
 * Virtual Pad control
 * Scores, compare yourself with other players.
 * Achievements. Beat the game!
 * Korean & Chinese support

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