Monday, 23 July 2012


Help Lil Bee to get home

 Collect extra provision and be wary of other insects – they look unfriendly!
 Lil Bees usual work day was interrupted by a sudden storm.
 Strong winds tore away the leaves and bent all the flowers!
 Poor Lil Bee didnt know where to hide from this scary torrential thunderstorm cloudburst.
 Fortunately, the storm ended soon and Lil Bee realized that she was far far away from her hive and the way home was to be very long and dangerous. But its unacceptable to return home with nothing, so Lil Bee needs to collect as much pollen and nectar as she can and shes gonna face a lot of dangerous creatures on the way home: greedy butterflies, dragonflies, sparrows and angry bumblebees.
 Bee Sway is: 
 • colorful and nice graphics
 • funny Lil Bee and other acters
 • simple controlling 
 • from easy to hard levels in "story" mode
 • chance to improve your score in every level 
 • "survival" mode - collect as much provision as possible on enemy territory
 • compete with another players in the high score table

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