Monday, 23 July 2012


Kill the monsters fast and accurately

 What can be more terrific than night at a cemetery?
 Waves of monsters and zombies and skeletons attack Bloody Sniper. They are strong and fast, they can fly and creep, move faster when they see that the sniper is almost dead. 
 -Skeletons, Freddy, Fat Zombies, Legless Zombies, Bats – 5 types of monsters
 -6 types of sometimes unexpected weapons and protection with different acteristics: Colt, Rifle, Minigun, Peegun, Firegun, Bomb, Fence
 -Unlimited number of waves
 -Difficulty and number of zombies increases with every new wave
 -Specific and original animation
 -Freaky Bloody Sniper drinking bear without fear
 -Admirers of defense games will be glad and surprised by catching good quality game Bloody Sniper.
 Our cool guy was coming back home from one of the cutes nightclubs but he lost his way and found himself at a cemetery full of monsters and zombies. He couldn’t understand whether it was a dream or he fought with all those creatures in reality. Will he kill all the monsters or will it be his last night alive?
 We would like to hear your opinion about our games. Any ideas, suggestions, queries are welcome.
 If you have some problems with Avko Labs app please let us about it and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

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