Tuesday, 24 July 2012


We have sweets for everyone! Build the greatest candy factory of all time!

 Create the most amazing candy farm in a happy wonderland of sweets and sugar.
 Grow, decorate and share tasty candies. Immerse with friends into: Candy Island!
 ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD 4 FREE! ★★★★★
 The story of Candy Island takes place in a peaceful and enchanted world, inhabited by a zoo of adorable little creatures around the tasty candy farm. This amazing workers provide their villagers with ice cream and chocolate to spread happiness and harmony. Everything is right... until one dark summer day the evil villian Dr. Zog returns from his valley and destroys every bakery store, chocolate factory and sugar tower. He steals every delicious recipe and there is no more food left for candy ville. One last recipe is found and their is still hope that the great candy factory can be rebuilt. A new beginning!
 Become the princess of Candy Island and put yourself in a magic world of sugar and sweets to rebuild the candy factory!
 ★ DISCOVER delicious candy recipes like jelly beans, ice cream, chocolate kisses, bubble tea, cinnamon cookies or gingerbread hearts
 ★ SHARE sweet gifts and help your friends
 ★ BUILD from a tiny tower to the biggest candy mountain
 ★ DECORATE and dress up the bluesky with over 100 pretty floating islands
 ★ CONNECT and socialize with your community
 ★ PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required
 ...and all of that for free, gratis, kostenlos! If you like casual social games with zoo, salon, bakery or village themes you will love Candy Island.

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