Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Tsuzp! : The Still Unnamed Zombie Project!

note that resolution smaller than 800x480 are not yet officially supported, but likely Tsuzp will work with only small issues in the menus.
 This is the tale of four rednecks and their struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse, a tale of bravery, survival, and a lot of gore.
 A unique mix of tower defence and tactical squad based zombies killing mayem.
 -STRATEGY : place your traps and barricades in order to survive the upcoming waves.
 -ACTION : a lot of weapons are just there, ready to be used to smash zombies and make theirs limbs fly away: machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, flametrhrowers and much more.
 -SUSPANCE : Will Russel find his wife? Who are the minds bihind this madness?
 will our heroes just survive to get all the answers? its all up to you....
 *BETA* : Tsuzp! is still in the ending phase of development and bugfixing, and we need some testing on various devices and maybe some help with the translations.
 This beta will contain only the first 6 levels. the complete version will be released hopefully soon, but not before it will be considered stable on the majority of devices.
 The full version will be free. We are still pondering about a pro version, but we are sure about maintain the the standard and complete, full version free(ad supported).
 if "lagging": in the option try to disable "blood splats" and/or dynamic layer. it will improve performance greatly on older devices.(blood splat are the persistant blood on the level, dynamic is used only to display the glass)
 note for jerry: you can tap on portrait to call the action menu, and doubletap to center on that pg. i think it would be sufficient, maybe just not explained well enough . feel free to send me an email on the subject, we are eager of advices.
 questionables permissions explaination:
 WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE= used to export or import the database of the game.
 INTERNET = used by adMob to get the ads and to download the expansion file.
 used to check if data connection is avalable for the download of the expansion file 
 used to check if an expansion files is available...its free, there is no license to check :D.
 used to paste the phone model to the precompiled crash report: note that this crash report is a simple, readable email that the user has to manually send. no data will be sent to me by this game. i value privacy a lot.
 WAKE_LOCK used only during the expansion package download, to prevent the cpu (and not the screen) from sleeping.
 Keywords: Zombie survival defence tower

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