Saturday, 16 June 2012


 A fast-paced, free build tower defence game in a steam punk world

 The Windows Phone 7 Tower Defence hit is now available on Android!
 Please Note: This game is intentionally difficult! It is possible to complete each of the levels with the correct strategy. Also, please read the guides in the options menu for information about the game.
 Help defend Lushington Springs in this fast paced tower defense game. Fight through forests, snowy passes, deserts, farms and even the city itself as the last bid to defeat the invading host. Gain awards and unlock perks as you progress through the game to gain an edge over the enemy. This game will provide you with a constant challenge and a real sense of achievement when winning levels.
 This is the fully functional, ad supported version, which includes:
 7 Large Levels
 15 Units
 15 Towers
 22 Achievements
 5 Perks (unlocked via achievements)
 Plus a whole host of other things!

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