Sunday, 1 July 2012


The age of man is at an end, but one makes his last stand

  "It so much fun it is addicting , hard to stop plaything." - Diego
  "Fun and brutal Killing zombies and building defences. Freakin sweet." - Cary
 You are Shane, a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse. And today, you give up.
 IN SHANE REACTION, you must relive your last 40 days of survival before the walking dead convert you into one of their mindless horde.
 Face the zombie dash with your trusty weapons and robo defences. Upgrade your arsenal and level up Shane to unlock his hidden skills and unleash a bullet hell upon the living dead.
 This is the zombie game to end all zombies games.

 ★40 days of furious combat.
 ★8 upgradeable weapons and 2 mechanical defense turrets than can knockdown even the toughest zombies.
 ★Skill points to level up Shane and unlock his time warping abilities.
 ★Exclusive soundtrack with over 10 awesome mood setting tracks.
 ★3 sceneries: day, fog and night levels.
 ★Quick time events for a unique gameplay twist.

 Artbit is actually a team of one. All programming and design is handled by Pedro Ribeiro alone, but as more people are brought into the project, the quality of our games will increase exponentially. We decided to focus on bringing the players original, moody games, instead of another Angry Birds clone after another. Shadow Cave was our first proper project and with Shane Reaction we hope to take the Android Marketplace by storm!
 Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S2 / Sensation 4G. Compatibility guaranteed for Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Tab 10.1, ZTE San Francisco, Huawei Boston, Galaxu Gio, LG Optimus Black, Optimus One, HTC Evo, Desire HD and Xperia Arc.

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